Planning Your Financial Freedom

Planning Your Financial Freedom

The Palm Wealth Partners Process

The Palm Wealth Partners process is simple, yet effective, as it is based on years of financial experience, made of three distinct steps. Our process will allow us to prepare a plan specifically tailored to your financial and life goals.


Getting to Know You

It all starts with getting to know not only your financial goals but also your life and family goals as well as uncovering other goals you may not have thought were possible. Getting to know you personally will allow us the opportunity to develop your financial goals and plan for your future. We do this by using financial planning resources to build you a customized financial plan.



We will work collaboratively to evaluate your financial situation and come up with solutions to help you pursue all of your life goals. We do this by taking the data we have gathered from our meeting, and partnering with your other financial coaches such as your CPA, lawyers, and other professionals.



Plan of Action

We will review the written plan we have put together. We will clarify any concerns, fees, and action plans before moving forward. You will have a team behind you. It starts with a senior financial advisor who will be your contact on your overall financial plan, a co-advisor who will assist you with investment strategies and updates, and a client service associate who will assist you with getting prepared. We want you to ask questions during the planning process, so don’t be shy.


After we put the plan into action, we will review it on a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual basis to make sure we cover any updates. Your reviews will be covered by either the senior advisor, co-advisor, or client service associate depending on the topic we are covering.