Planning Your Financial Freedom

Planning Your Financial Freedom


Our Cost Transparency

We strive for complete transparency when it comes to costs of financial planning and asset management, and will freely discuss any and all compensation, either verbally, or by sharing our SEC form ADV Part 2A.

Since our compensation is not geared towards the number of transactions we perform, but rather on how well your financial plan serves your needs, our motivation is quite clear: With an understanding of your tolerance for volatility and time horizon (when you need your money), we seek to assist you in developing a financial plan congruent with both your personal and financial goals.

Your fee is not for performance, but rather, for the successful implementation of your well-thought-out financial plan.

The components of your fee are as follows:

  • Timely Guidance, Perspectives, and Counseling
  • Plan Implementation and Discipline to the Plan
  • Plan Creation and Investment Strategy

Palm Wealth Partners is on “your side of the table,” and focuses on a process-driven and values-based planning approach.

Our process is based on prudent financial practices and uses proven systems for each client that are:

  • Individualized
  • Interactive
  • Systematic
  • Ongoing
  • Evolving


The process is based on law, regulation, and financial planning best practices.

Palm Wealth Partners works on either a fee-based (based on the assets under management) or an hourly basis.

Our fees are discussed and agreed upon at the time of engagement:

  • Asset-Based Fees – Clients are billed an ongoing asset-based fee, payable quarterly in advance. Since the fees we receive are asset-based (i.e., based on the value of your account), we have the incentive to increase your account value.
  • Hourly Fees – Stand-alone financial planning services are payable in advance. We generally perform related financial planning services at no additional cost for our investment clients, although there can be additional fees for extensive planning work. Generally, for a basic investment plan, no more than 3 hours are needed.

For detailed information, refer to our Form ADV Part 2A, pages 5 and 6 by clicking these links: Form ADV Part 2A and/or Form CRS (“Customer Relationship Summary”)

We proudly offer pro-bono planning to those in need of a financial plan, but without the means to pay an adviser. If you feel this applies to you, please ask us about it.


As with asset management, we are not obligated to do business with any one company versus another. Therefore, we choose the carrier most suitable for your particular insurance needs, health, age, sex, and financial goals.

We are paid a commission directly from the company with which we place you, which creates a conflict, which we will fully disclose and review with you. There are embedded costs in the contract which cover this cost to the insurance company. Therefore, while you do not actually get a bill, realize that you are in fact indirectly paying us for our services. Typically, commissions are based on a percentage of the annual premium you pay and are much higher in the first year.